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Shiny Toy Guns (DJ Set)

The road that led Shiny Toy Guns into the abyss — and now, triumphantly, back from it — was fraught with peril, full of steep grades, twists, potholes, detours and dead ends. That the Los Angeles-based quartet has emerged firing on all cylinders is testimony not only to its members' artistic vision but to their personal renaissance. III, the new album that reunites the original four members whose pioneering synth-pop and DIY ethic made Shiny Toy Guns worldwide sensations so many miles ago, is symbolic of that journey. On III, their first album in almost four years, the band refines its signature electronic sound with a collection of exuberant, intensely personal songs about life, love, loss and redemption. The process of making "III" was long and sometimes agonizing, but ultimately worth it, Faye says. "We didn't want to settle for the first thing melodically or lyrically." During that process, the relationship between Faye and Johannson (who had joined the band for a short time) ended. Producers Dawson and Petree later teamed up with the legendary mixer Tony Maserati to finalize and sharpen the new 2012 sound of the band, and the dynamic range and reach of their new album reflects maturity and youthfulness at the same time … in a way, a direct representation of all of the band members' personalities. So Shiny Toy Guns are back to their four essential parts, with III serving as a document of what friends who've been through the wars can achieve. Shiny Toy Guns' "III" is out now.http://shinytoyguns.com

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