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When you think of Palm Beach, Florida, what comes to mind? Palm trees swaying gently in the balmy breeze? Scantily-clad bikini buxom babes rollerblading down an infinite slab of coral-colored concrete? How about anthemic, bombastic, life-affirming indie pop? If the latter didn’t occur to you, let us introduce you to Surfer Blood: they call West Palm Beach home and, while still in their early 20s, have penned an album worth of catchy, summery indie songs that even the most hook-laden power pop band would rightfully be jealous of..... Comprised of members JP (dubbed “The Mastermind” by the rest of the band), TJ, Thomas and Brian, Surfer Blood met one fateful night at an after party for Miami’s Ultra Festival, though they didn’t attend the festival itself (“We do not like the D’n’B,” they proclaim). After discussing music, what else, for the remainder of the night, JP decided to recruit the three other guys to perfect a couple of songs he had been working on for some time, and thus, the band was formed. .... Astro Coast was recorded in the band’s dorm room during their Freshmen year at the University of Florida, using musical equipment purchased with scholarship money. The band scrapped the original studio sessions because they didn’t like the way the engineer was affecting their sound..... If you’re wondering about the name, the band ain’t got no surfer blood in them, and actually denounce the surfer kids of their youth for making their high school experience miserable. As for the moniker itself, one of the band members just randomly yelled it out over the radio in the backseat of the band’s car, which is as good a naming process as any..... The guys in the band say that others making music is their inspiration for them to in turn pick up their instruments and see what they can create. Their ambitions include “living comfortably while working hard” and “sticking to the indie circuit,” and nothing seems to be standing in their way. After releasing Astro Coast to critical acclaim, Surfer Blood spent 2012 hard at work on a highly anticipated follow up LP. Stay tuned for its release and many more big things to come from Surfer Blood in 2013.http://surferblood.com/home

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