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Missy Whiteman

Filmmaker, digital media consultant, dir, producer & writer
Independent Indigenous Film & Media
Missy Whiteman, Indigenous director, producer, writer and digital media consultant, for Independent Indigenous Film & Media. Missy belongs to the Arapaho and Kickapoo nations and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At a young age, Missy had the unique opportunity to be exposed to many different arts and cultures that later influenced her own creative process. She received mentoring and support from various artist, writers, filmmakers and arts organizations in the Twin Cities. Her main influence has been her father, who passed down the belief of creative process as a vision and spirit driven gift. The foundation of her education is in the arts in the forms of visual arts, media arts, theatre, film & video and photography. As a teenager, Missy attended the Rudy Perpich Center for Arts Education and then later attended The Minneapolis College of Art and Design for Filmmaking and Photography, Missy understands her work to be a voice for her ancestors to educate and foster better understanding among all people as well as promote healing and vitality amid her own community. While based in part on traditional ways and ideas, her movies also address themes of loss in relation to larger cultural forces as well as the process of healing and redefining cultural identity.